Four Reasons to Eat Mexican Food

Four Reasons to Eat Mexican Food
By Stevee Ashlock

It is cheap. Most meals start off with an endless basket of chips and salsa. Entrees are very inexpensive. At most restaurants, you can easily get a full meal for fewer than ten dollars. Some meals are big enough to share. Just ask for an extra plate, because there is no additional plate charge. If you fill up on chips, ask for a to go box for your entree leftovers. Take the chips, too.

It is fast. If time or hunger is an issue, Mexican food is prepared quite quickly. Therefore, if you are super hungry or in a major rush, you can eat immediately. By the time your return from washing your hands, your entree will be waiting for your enjoyment. Dig in!

It is hot. Be careful not to burn your mouth or hands, because Mexican food is served very hot! The plates are even hotter. Especially on a cold, winter day, what better way to warm up? Escape to the Mexican Baja in moments!

It is tasty. The aroma of the combination of the flavors used in Mexican foods is absolutely delicious…a mixture of fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, frijoles and cheese. No matter what the combination of ingredients, just add a touch of sauce and side of rice and beans. Now you have the perfect meal!

Bonus: Since most Mexican restaurants are usually staffed with authentic natives, you can practice your Spanish! Enjoy the festive Latin music and only speak Spanish during your dining adventure. Viva Mexico!

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