Best Places to Find Travel Bargains

If you still think that the best travel deals are only a call away to your favorite travel agent, you could be spending more than you’ve bargained for. A good travel agency is no longer the best way to save on your next vacation, especially if you know exactly what you are looking for.

In the last decade, internet travel sites have exploded. Many people now only shop for their vacations and business trips via the internet. With so much information offered, pictures, descriptions and fellow travelers opinions, you would be crazy not to consult the internet.

There are many sites that offer great deals. There are the big sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. They are connected with all the major airlines, car rental agencies and cruise lines. They can offer huge discounts on quoted prices in brochures. Many of these sites are great for last minute travelers. Many airlines and resorts don’t want to waste rooms or seats that will probably not be used, so in the last few days, there are always big discounts to be found.

There are also a few sites that actually check all the other sites for the best deal. Sidestep is a site that keeps track of lowest available flights and other travel necessities, showing you up to the minute details on the best fares.

So for many trips, it is no longer necessary to call the travel agency, there are plenty of bargains to find online.