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The TomTom Car Navigation System: A Leader In GPS Technology

The GPS industry has seen TomTom Global Positioning System rise to excellence. The Route Planner and the TomTom CityMaps are among the best of GPS software. Further more the software Smartpath City and Trips were brought onto market to support earlier features. The maps they have created along with the innovative software have made them a leader in the industry.


This company emerged in Amsterdam in the year 1991, and were pioneers in making software for hand held devices which were used mostly for travel. Map software and navigation software were used both for mobile phones and PDA usage. Both in Europe and United States, their products were extremely successful.

Bluetooth GPS and the wired mouse are the major technological advancements made by TomTom. The wired mouse can be connected to a device in the car for supply power for usage, while the Bluetooth GPS can be connected to any hand held Bluetooth enabled devices and expansion cards.

The recent launch of the TomTom Navigator has combined the best features available in the market. The combination of these functions created for individual products is the specialty of this product. The voice navigation and detailed maps of cities are a couple functions to mention. The options also include turning off the speakers and the GPS status and setup screens. The inclusion of places of interest and reducing the necessity of reentering the destinations are integrated for easy navigation.

With TomTom Navigator, you can follow directions easily with the help of the Navigator screen. If you are on a predetermined journey, the screen will show with red highlight the road you are presently driving and a green arrow will point out the next junction you may have to take. There is no question of getting lost on the journey when you utilize TomTom auto navigation.

The TomTom GPS Navigator even includes points of interest on specific maps that are not yet completed. The addresses and phone numbers of the business concerns and restaurants are being included with their web and e-mail addresses.

A compass is incorporated in the Navigator screen. In the improved version, Navigator re-routing is done in 5 to 10 seconds, reducing the calculation time of the appropriate routes to be taken from one place to another.

If you are shopping for an auto navigation system for your car, be sure to compare TomTom with the others out there. TomTom includes all the features you could possibly want or need and the price is affordable especially when considering the value received. When you choose a TomTom GPS navigation system, you are selecting one of the best available from a leader in the field of navigation.

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