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What Are Camcorders?

Camcorders have become more common in households today. In fact, while camcorders have been around for a while they have become so advanced that many of the older models of camcorders that weren’t in use by the general public have become essentially obsolete. Also, the features of a camcorder have become simplified over time so that camcorder use can be made easier.


It used to be that in the middle part of the twentieth century camcorders were used only by television crews to record images for broadcasts. The models used by these crews were usually large and tougher to use. Over time camcorders became more portable and easier to use, and with this in mind these devices had become available for commercial use by the general public for the first time.

The first professional camcorder was released in 1982 by Sony. While it was not overly popular at first due to its high cost, over time the cost of camcorders ended up going down, and they became more popular with the public. In fact, camcorders have made so much of an impact that the still camera industry was significantly damaged. More people were using camcorders instead of still cameras to record vacations, special events and other occasions in which a still camera would normally be used with. One of the main reasons is because more can be gathered with a camcorder, whereas a traditional still camera would just be able to only collect individual images of events.

One of the main reasons as to why camcorders are so popular is because they are easy to use. There are three important parts of a camcorder. These parts are the lens, imager and recorder. The lens gathers light onto the imager, which converts that light to an electrical signal. That signal is gathered by the recorder, which encodes the video signal onto the tape or other storable media.

The imager is used as the main eye of the camcorder. The recorder writes the images that are read onto the writable media. With the rising popularity of discs for home video more camcorders are using them instead of tapes for recording images into a storable drive.

Various groups use camcorders along with the general public. Entertainment groups, political parties and people in voyeurism use camcorders for their recording needs.

Camcorders are devices that are great and can help to record memories for years to come. With the ease and affordability of camcorders it makes sense that they have become more popular among people today.

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