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Choosing a Dog for Your Children

At some point in time, if you have children, they will sooner or later ask you for a dog. While you may not like the idea of having yet another person in the family dependent upon you for care, studies show that pets can be really great for children, provided you choose the right type of pet. You should know that almost all dogs have a predatory nature and that no matter how loving and tame they seem to be, that nature is still there under the surface. Keep that in mind when trying to choose the perfect dog for your children.

Children love to have friends and companions, and dogs seem to be able to fulfill that role pretty easily. It is best to get a puppy, so that your children and the dog can grow together, forming that bond that goes on for years to come.

When we started looking at dogs more as pets, rather than guards, breeders started looking for ways to lessen their natural predatory nature. The end result was several dog breeds that were loving and patient with children, particularly young children who like to pull tails and hair. Still, they should undergo obedience training, just to be on the safe side, especially if you are going to trust them with your young children. There are many great dogs out there, such as the Golden Retriever, that make great pets and companions for young children, since they rarely strike back when children play a little on the rough side, as they are known to do now and then.

Keep in mind your childís personality when choosing a dog as well. If your child loves to play outdoors and has a lot of energy, then you should look for a dog that will be able to keep up, and that will enjoy it. If your child is calmer, preferring to sit indoors with a book rather than run and play outside, then you should look for a larger, typically calmer dog.

There are many great breeds that are suitable for children, the thing is finding them, and doing your homework to make the best possible choice for your child. Regardless of what breed of dog you settle on, you really should plan to get that dog trained by a professional trainer, who is used to training dogs to be around young children, just as an extra safety precaution.

Remember the two tís when looking for a dog for your children, training and temperament. Donít forget that this dog will likely become your childís best friend, maybe even spending more time with your child than you do, so you need to be comfortable knowing that the dog you choose wonít turn on your child. Many children are mauled each year by dogs that havenít had the proper training, or breeds, such as Pit Bulls, that have no business being around children being let in the home. Donít allow your child to be the next one that we hear about on the evening news!

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