Q. What is the Hits2u Toolbar? 
A. The Hits2u Toolbar is a FREE tool that appears on the top part of your Internet Explorer browser window. It provides you with handy tools like, World Clock, News Ticker, Affiliate Links, Downline Reports, Help links and much more. More details of the Toolbar can be found by clicking here.

Q. What are the Toolbar Affiliate Links? 
A. Pro members can include up to 10 links to their favourate affiliate programs and these links are shown inside the Toolbar under the Tools menu. More details on the Pro membership benefits and how the Toolbar affiliate link service will help you can be found by clicking here.

Q. What are text link ads? 
A. Text link ads are words that you can click on which takes you off to a web site. 

Q. Can I advertise more than one website for free? 
A. Yes, you can submit as many as you wish. 

Q. How long does it take until my advertising starts?
A. There is no delay, your advertising will begin instantly.

Q. Where is my text link ad being advertised? 
A. You will see 5 advertisements (text ads) displayed to the left of your screen ...if you click on those words you will go off to a web site of someone who is advertising with this service. Your text ad is also being advertised on other HIGH TRAFFIC websites. A growing number of website owners (webmasters) have placed the Hits2u banner on their website. Every banner has one text link ad displayed on it. Your ad is also randomly displayed on all these other HIGH TRAFFIC websites. 

Q. Do you guarantee that people will purchase from my website if I advertise with this service? 
A. No, we can only guarantee that your advertisement will be displayed 
throughout the Hits2u advertising network.

Q. How many times will my text ad be viewed? 
A. It depends on a lot of variables. The easy answer is that your text ad will be viewed an enormous amount of times throughout the Hits2u network giving your advert plenty of high quality exposure.

Q. What do you mean by a 'Gold' FREE member?
A. Anyone who personally introduces 3 other (paid or free) members within the first 7 days of joining is qualified as a 'Gold' FREE member.

Q. What do you mean by a 'Silver' FREE member?
A. Anyone who DID NOT personally introduce 3 other (paid or free) members within the first 7 days of joining is called a 'Silver' FREE member.

Q. What is a PRO member?
A. A PRO member is someone who has chosen to upgrade their Hits2u membership to Pro.
Click here to view all the benefits of a PRO membership. 

Q. I am a 'Silver' FREE member and I see on the Income page that 'Silver' FREE members only receive 50% Direct Commission & no bonus commission. 
I really want to be able to receive FULL benefits from your 7 level compensation plan. 
Is there a way I can still receive FULL benefits?
A. Yes, all PRO (paid) members INSTANTLY qualify to receive FULL benefits of the compensation plan. Click here to visit the Income page.

Q. I upgraded straight away to a PRO (paid) member. 
Do I still need to try and qualify to receive the extra 30 days free advertising and all the increased extra advertising from my downline?
A. Yes. All members including PRO members must qualify to receive the increased extra advertising. If you qualify you will be classified as a 'PRO Gold Member'. 
If you DO NOT qualify you will be classified as a 'PRO Silver Member'

Q. How do I upgrade to a PRO member? 
A. First of all you need to logon to the members area using your password. Once in the members area click on the "Order PRO Membership" button. 

Q. Can I update and change my text ad? 
A. Yes. You can update / change the text ad you are advertising any time you wish. All you need to do is logon to the members area. From here you will see a box with your current text ad displayed. Simply re-type the text you want displayed and the URL then click the "Update TEXT AD" button. 

Q. I just upgraded to a PRO member but in the members area it still says I am a FREE member?
A. If you paid via an echeck through PayPal you need to wait a few days until your echeck has cleared. As soon as it has cleared you will be upgraded to a PRO member. If this is not the case please contact us.

Q. What is the payment method? 
A. PayPal (accepts most major credit cards and echecks) 

Q. How do you pay me?
A. At present all commissions are paid via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can open up a FREE PayPal account here

Q. When am I paid?
A. You are paid on request. Once your balance exceeds $50 a 'Request Commission Payment' button will appear in your members area. 

Q. I live in a Country that doesn't accept PayPal. Can I still join?
A. Yes. We can send you an International money order once your commission exceeds $200. When your balance does exceeds $200 send us an e-mail from the Contact Us page here

Q. What kind of websites are not allowed? 
No Adult or XXX Site Ads 
No Scams or Chain Letters 
No Anti-Religious or Hate Sites 
No Offensive Material 

Q. I forgot what my Hits2u website address URL is. Where can I find it?
A. When you first signed up with Hits2u you were sent a Welcome email. 
Your Hits2u website is in that email. 
You will also find it in any promotional email that we send through to you.

Q. I forgot what my Password, what do I do now?
A. You MUST go to your own Hits2u website to retrieve your password. Once you are on your own affiliate page click on the words "forgot password click here". 
Your Password will be e-mailed to you. 

Q. I can not logon to the members area using my password?
A. You can only logon to the members area from your own Hits2u website. If you are not on your own Hits2u website you WILL NOT be able to logon to the members area. 

Q. I want to cancel my Hits2u membership and not receive any more emails from Hits2u. How do I do this?
A. Logon to the members area from your own Hits2u website and click on the "Delete Membership" button. 

Q. Will you ever sell my information to a third party?
A. No 

Q. I still have more questions. How can I contact you?
A. You can contact the Hits2u customer support team here