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Is Google Adwords taking all your money?
Not getting the results you think you should?
has the information you need!
Find out ...
How certain words are getting more CTR, 65%+, than the average done by Joe Bloggs. (For the Adworders, if you gain a high CTR, does that mean you are making more money or does it mean Google is cashing in on YOU more?)
Why affiliate products are the SIMPLEST ventures to start with
What those stupid keyword tools don't tell YOU. This is so obvious that millions and I mean millions, including the gurus are doing this WRONG! This will distinguish if your site will have visitors, EVER!
Why the Internet is the land of opportunity, NOT the U.S.A. anymore
How being on the first page of Google isn't good enough anymore – this will shock the Adworders and the SEOers
Why going nice, steady and easy is the DUMBEST thing you can do when you start out
Why most websites are a waste of space and why prospects walk the second they read the first line
Why the big players (BIG Fortune 500 CORPORATIONS) are easy to beat at their own game online. This will rock internet reality!
and more; much, much more ...


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