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Flea Markets for Additional Cash

If you are looking for a way to earn an additional income, you may want to consider selling at flea markets. Starting at a flea market has a relatively low start up cost and there are numerous benefits to selling at them. Many people enjoy visiting the flea market on the weekends with their families. Additionally, visitors to your area enjoy visiting flea markets for souvenirs and other gifts for their families. There are many people in communities all over the United States that frequent the flea markets that are in their area. If you would like to make a nice supplemental income, you should read this article for more information on the opportunity of selling at flea markets.


In every community, the rules are different when it comes to selling at the flea market. If you wish to sell merchandise, you must first check with your local courthouse on any rules that may apply to this. Many communities expect you to have a Peddler’s License, or a Business License. Additionally, you may be required to get a Federal Taxpayer’s ID Number. It is important that you know and understand the rules in your community prior to selling at a flea market in order to avoid any possible issues down the road.

Once you have established and met all the requirements that are necessary for you to sell at the flea market, you can start getting ready for your new business! It is important to contact the owner or owners of the flea market that you wish to sell at. There may be a fee required to sell at the flea market, and you may even be required to rent the space that you will be selling at in the flea market. Once you have made all the proper arrangements, it is time to move to the next stage in your business.

You can now start gathering merchandise that you would like to sell at the flea market. A good place to start for products to sell at the flea market is in your own home. You may have old books, movies, clothes, dishes, furniture, games, and other items that may sell well at the local flea market. All you need are a few price tags and some stuff that is gathering dust in your closet to sell at the flea market.

If you have a particular skill or talent, you can offer this at the flea market. For example, if you are good at taking pictures, you may offer brochures that cover your services. You can take wedding pictures, pictures of sporting events, and more. Simply make and post a sign at your booth! You may even want to hand out flyers. If someone purchases something from you, you can stick a flyer for your services in the bag with their merchandise.

There are numerous ways that you can create a nice supplemental income by working at a flea market. With a little creativity and a few things to sell, you will be well on your way to creating a supplemental income for all those little extra things in life.

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