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Pay Attention to Where Your Child Does His Homework and Studying

It can be very difficult to study or work in a room that is full of noise or distractions, both for adults and children alike. Ideally, it would be nice if you had a spare room that you could turn into a mini-office for your child, so that he could go in there, do his work, and be left alone, with no television, phone, radio, or video games to distract him. If you do have an extra room, it is fairly easy to turn it into a great study area for your children. Make certain that you let them have some say in how things are put together in this room, since they will be spending a lot of time in there. If they need a computer for homework purposes, you might want to check on them from time to time, as they may give into the temptation to surf or chat with friends, rather than study.


If you are like many others, and room and space are at a premium in your home, then you will have to come up with another alternative for creating a study area for your child. IT doesnít really matter where this area is in your home, as long as it is relatively quiet, and free from distractions. Many parents have their children do their homework seated at the kitchen table, so that they can keep an eye on them, and be there to help if questions arise. This area will work best if you have a cabinet nearby, so that you can store homework essentials close at hand for your child. This is also a great spot, because as you prepare dinner, you will be able to talk with your child about homework, school, etc. As they get older, you will really appreciate this opportunity.

Your child doesnít need a massive space in which to study and do homework, so even if you live in a small house or apartment, you can still define a space for them. If your child ends up having to do homework in the living room or den for lack of space, make certain that everyone knows that the television stays off during that time, and that quiet is to prevail as much as possible. It may be best if you purchase a moveable cart or storage container for your childís supplies, so that they can easily be moved from room to room. Help your child keep supplies and paperwork organized and together, so that he or she will be able to find what they need easily. A portable desk or tray would also be a good idea, so that your child will have a firm writing surface in which to work.

No matter how small your space may be, you can still create the perfect study space for your child. Maybe move some furniture around, add a few pieces here and there, a desk, cart, etc. Just remember, that even if you do setup the perfect study space, you still need to be the parent, and make certain that your child completes homework and assignments on time. You donít have to stand over their shoulder the entire time, but you should be aware of what is going on, especially if your want your child to excel academically.

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